Workshop Wednesday: Stop Posting Status Updates at 3pm!

Dan Zarella, of, recently published an interesting chart of six statistics about facebook marketing.

Take a look at the chart below, because it has some pretty interesting stats. I’m seeing for my page that posting every day works quite well, and multiple times per day doesn’t seem to sway things one way or another. As always, this report isn’t market specific so test it out for youself, but it does give a good basis to go off of when you’re deciding how active your page is going to be.

I’m going to use these stats and my own tracking and add a new module to Fan Page Secrets, aimed at when and how to speak directly to your fans so you generate the most leads and new customers for your business.

Facebook Marketing Statistics

Facebook Marketing Statistics

What are your thoughts about these findings? Have you noticed more impressions, responses, likes, and comments on different days or time of the day?

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70% of Brands Falling Short on Facebook

Alterian’s 8th annual survey shows some pretty scary results for businesses using social media, or not using social media. Is your brand one of the 70% that feel at-risk in this new socially connected world? What are you currently doing to actually take part in the conversion and monitor the discussion around your brand.

The discussion is happening, whether you’re taking part in it or not. I suggest you actually jump in, engage your people, and bring your company to life in their eyes. It doesn’t take much. A few comments here and there and all the sudden you’re a “company for the people.”

Take a look at the stats below and start to think about what your goals actually are. Do you want to jump into social media to purely engage your following? To generate new business? To provide insight into your company? All are valid reasons, but all require a different plan.

Don’t just jump in without thinking about or you end up in the 70%. You can start by creating your first fan page the right way.

facebook brand engagement statistics

70% of Companies Are Falling Short on Social Media

Workshop Wednesday: Secret to Selling Under the Radar

No one likes landing on a page and instantly being bombarded with sales pitches. Loading a page and being smacked in the face with headlines reading, “BUY THIS NOW!”, “SALE SALE SALE!!”, “LIMITED TIME ONLY!”, or any traditional “sales-pitchy” wording is the quickest way to get me off of your page faster than you can offer me a discounted discount on your discount.

This picture on the left is a perfect example of aggressive selling. Now while this type of marketing might do well in other arenas [and apparently across the pond in Britain ;-)], it is not a good tactic for Fan Page Marketing. Facebook Fan Page Marketing is about building trust, and creating a relationship between you and your customers. That trust is worth its kilobytes in gold, and you should do everything you can to gain the trust of your audience.

I keep trying to figure out if this guy wants me to buy something or fight.

So how do you leverage profit from your fan page without scaring your traffic off with language that could almost be considered hostile? By creating a custom fan page image that subtly ushers your visitors through your fan page, taking them exactly where you want them to go.

Taking a quick look at the picture on the left, this is the Fan Page image off of one of my pages. And notice that without any large, hostile text or exclamation points, our visitors are told exactly where we want them to go.  The small red text text works in combination with subtle arrows, giving viewers an answer to the question, “What do I do next?” In this case, I am sending traffic to a custom tab, which then links them into my sales funnel. No huge text, no intrusive or electrically charged wording. Just simple, subtle hints that lead our visitors to exactly where I want them to go.

Subtle visual cues can make the difference between a visitor and a customer.

So take a fresh look at your Fan Page. Are you helping your visitors navigate your page? Are your visitors taking the actions you want them to take? Make the necessary changes to improve your conversion by adding subtle visual cues and inviting language to your Fan Page image, and take control of your traffic.

Thanks for checkin’ in guys! Happy New Year, and see you all next week!

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Workshop Wednesday: Get More Fans with Your Email Signature

If you’re trying to get more fans to visit your facebook fan page, there’s a little plugin you need to know about if you’re using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, or any other web-based email client. It’s called WiseStamp.

How many emails do you send per day? Probably too many, like the rest of us. And how many emails have you seen with over-sized and unattractive email signatures that doing everything except get you to click on them? Well, those days are over.

WiseStamp gives the average business owner, blogger, or online marketer the chance to have an attractive and high-performing email signature that not only catches the reader’s eye but also keeps everyone up to date on the company’s latest social updates.

With WiseStamp, you can insert a quick link and/or icon to all of your social media hot-spots, embed your own rss feed, include your latest tweets, and the list goes on. Completely customize your email signature with fonts, text sizes, colors, links, images, and icons in order to create the perfect closing to every email you send out.

There’s not a better free way to get more facebook fans than going after everyone you already have a relationship with.

Having a special sale? Edit your signature with a few clicks of the mouse and let everyone know about it. Free advertising.

WiseStamp also has a great installation guide in case you get a little lost, but I doubt that’s going to happen because this plugin is super easy to use and install.

Even Outlook users should stay tuned because WiseStamp is currently working on a new release for everyone not using web-based email applications.

Go grab WiseStamp now and start connecting with your current clients and leads and start adding them to your facebook fan following.

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Facebook Fan Page Friday: Starbucks Knows Their Stuff

Well as a big snow storm has been pounding the Northeast, I find I am in desperate need of something to warm me up. Like I said, I am covered in snow and in

desperate need of something to defrost my life. So while searching for a Fan Page for this week’s Fan Page Friday, I finally decided on everyone’s favorite (well, most people’s favorite) coffee shop on a cold winter day, Starbucks.

So welcome back to Fan Page Friday, where every week we take a look at a different Facebook Fan Page and talk over what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what we can all learn from them. So let’s kick into the 2011 Edition of Fan Page Friday…

With over 19 MILLION fans, Starbucks’ fan page is yet another example of leveraging a great brand to attract an already loyal fan base. But for all of us who can’t get the attention of 19 million people quicker than your favorite barista can make a Grande Java Chip Frappacino with a double shot of espresso, topped with whipped cream, with no fudge please….there is something to learn here. Let’s get to it.

Interacting With Your Facebook Audience

One of my favorite things about Starbucks’ Facebook Fan Page is how well they interact with their fans. I want to spotlight thier photo gallery, which allows fans to upload a picture of them with their cup of Starbucks in hand. With almost 8,000 uploads, Starbucks is giving every fan an opportunity to add to the Starbucks experience. This initiative is consistent with their brand, and is a very unique way of getting their fans to come back time and time again.

Fans are thinking about this Fan Page throughout their day, how could you do it with your audience?

Not everyone out there offers a physical product, but there is still something to learn here. Find ways to interact with your audience in a unique way. Starbucks knows their market, and has made a way for every Starbucks-lover to use their iPhone (not sure I have ever seen someone in a Starbucks without an iPhone) to capture their morning coffee and interact on their Fan Page while away from their computer. So learn from Starbucks, know your market and engage them in a unique way.

Content is King

How many videos does Starbucks have on its Fan Page? The answer on January 28th, 2011 is 31. That is 31 different videos posted by Starbucks alone. They also allow for their users to post videos, which means technically they have over 90 videos in total. But the number I want to focus on is 31. Starbucks is creating opportunities for people to stay on their Fan Page. By offering great content, Starbucks has provided over 60 minutes of content for their visitors to consume. The longer a visitor stays on your page, the longer you have to win their trust. If someone who doesn’t necessarily like Starbucks that much (like myself), goes on this Fan Page and sees their favorite music artist (Anyone else really into Zac Brown right now??) performing in one of their videos, they are way more likely to click that precious “Like” button (I totally did).

So again, not sure many of us have celebrities on speed dial, but there is something to learn here for all of us. Good content is a great way to engage your audience and keep them around. Know what your market in interested in, and get content on your page that will engage them like no one else will. If you can’t make great videos, find them somewhere else. Write interesting articles. Link to good website. Link to other great Fan Pages on your “Favorites”. But fill your Fan Page with content that your market will find relevant, interesting, and engaging.

How likely are you to stick around this page with all this kickin' content??

Well that wraps it up for this week’s Fan Page Friday. Hope you all enjoyed our look at Starbucks, feel free to ask questions about what you read here or let us know if you enjoyed it! And be sure to comment below and request a review of your favorite business’s Fan Page and we will throw them into our lineup. Happy marketing everyone! Stay warm!

Workshop Wednesday: Importing your Email Contacts on Facebook Fan Page

There are many ways for you to promote your page on Facebook; one way is the “Tell your Fans” button on the Marketing Tab of your Page Manager. You can import your email contacts and invite them to your Fan Page but be careful, choose your invitations wisely because sometimes it will be considered as a Spam by others.

Here’s how you use the Email Importer;

  1. Go to your Fan Page; make sure you are logged in.
  2. Click on the Edit Page which is underneath your image.
  3. Find the MARKETING button which is on the left column and click it.
  4. Then, click on the “Tell your Fans” button, after you click it, they will give you 2 options on how to import your email contacts;
  • Upload a Contact File (Outlook and other email platforms) – Facebook will then start uploading your email contacts on the email platform you have provided.
  • Find your Web Email Contacts (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail) – it is the fastest and easiest way to find Fans.

Fan Page Friday: Porsche FanPage Success

Hey guys! Well here is installment #2 of Fan Page Friday, where every week we take a look at a different Facebook Fan Page and talk over what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what we can all learn from them.

FanPage Friday 12/17: Porsche

Enough interactive material to keep me around for days.

Well here is name that is synonymous with high quality motor sports. I am not much of a car enthusiast, but you would pretty much have to live with a community of wolves in the middle of Saskatchewan to not recognize this high-octane brand. Porsche has leveraged its brand recognition to quickly draw over 1 million fans to its fan page. Wonder how many of them own a Porsche? I drove a Porsche once, crashed it too. Need for Speed 2 on Playstation. But before I start bragging about my video game records from 1996, lets take a look at their Facebook fan page.

Fan Page Custom Tabs Getting Results

Porsche has done an excellent job of differentiating their page from “all the rest”. Porsche is an electric brand, and their facebook fan page is no different. They have a clean look, and all their custom tabs play up to the experience that is….Porsche. My favorite being the “Welcome” tab. Take a look at all the bells and whistles they have, build your own Porsche, send a Porsche to a friend, and Porsche poll question, and it just keeps going. Their pages are interactive, cohesive, and all contribute to a very cool fan page experience. A visitor could spend hours on this page, and with all the interactive materials and extra content, any visitor remotely interested in Porsche would be crazy not to click around.

Facebook Custom Landing Pages

Impossible to resist clicking that "Like" button. What is goin' to happen?!

Porsche knows what they are doing, I’ll tell you that. Go ahead and search Porsche in the Facebook search bar and find their page. Wasn’t so hard huh? Searching “Porsche” gets you right to their page despite hundreds of copy-cat pages. And what is the landing page? Check it out.

A custom tab that is called a “Reveal Tab”. A Reveal Tab is a any page that requires a user to click “Like” before viewing any content. And Porsche has hit the ball out of the park with this one. You click “Like” and not only do you get content, but you get a chance to have your named engraved on a celebratory, limited-edition Porsche. Not a bad way to get someone to “Like” your page huh? Porsche is all about the “experience”, and they have done everything they can to offer everyone who comes to their page exactly that.

Custom Fan Page Image for Facebook

Good, not great.

Here is one small bone I have to pick with this page, their custom image. It is a good, high quality photo, but it does not evoke nearly the kind of charged response that every other picture on their entire page does. Their other pictures are wonderful, colorful shots of the car of your dreams, but their Fan Page image is just not the same. It has their logo on it, which I don’t personally recommend (but with an internationally recognized logo like theirs, tough to argue they shouldn’t use it). But looking at that picture just doesn’t grab the attention of the visitor as much as it could. Lucky for them, the rest of their page is top notch.

Fine job by Porsche. They understand their audience very well and have done well to create one hech of an “experience” for anyone who happens across their page. They have a clear call to action, and I am sure they convert visitor to fans at a very high rate. Now, hardly anyone has a brand as powerful as Porsche, but the principles are the same. Know your audience, grab their attention, and don’t let go.

Thanks for reading guys! Be sure to comment here or on our Facebook Fan Page if you want us to do a Fan Page Friday about your favorite fan page. And check back in with us at Get 10,000 Fans next week for another edition of…(dramatic music)…Fan Page Friday. Happy Holidays everyone!

Workshop Wednesday: Protecting Your Fan Page From Shutdown

How will you protect your Fan Page from being Shutdown?

I know a couple of people that had their Facebook account shutdown because they were either mass friendly people through their profile which is not something that I recommend you to do. But anyway, for just various reasons, if you built certain things in Facebook, you need to do it according to their Rules and Regulations. If you happen to break one of those rules, they will shutdown your account and you’ll never get your Fan Page back, all your fans will be gone and all the work that you did will be history. So, I am here to give you a quick and easy new tip on how to protect your Fan Page from being shutdown. All you have to do is create another ADMIN that would have a control over your Fan Page, it maybe either one of your friends, your brother or sister, your spouse. Someone that you can trust and won’t mess your stuff up.



1. Go to your Fan Page, make sure you are logged in to your account.

2. Click on the EDIT PAGE which is right underneath your Image.

3. Look for MANAGE ADMINS, click on it and start typing your chosen ADMIN.

You can also do an email and type it in then submit.

So, there are 2 ways to do it, the person that you chose need to have a Facebook account and the email has to be linked up to that account, otherwise it’s not gonna work. If you send this to someone that does not have a Facebook account, I’m pretty sure it will invite them to become a member on Facebook.

4. Save all the changes that had been made.

That is pretty much it, you are all set and don’t have to worry in losing your Fan Page cause you have 2 ADMINS now. That way, if your account gets shutdown, you have someone that serves as a backup and prevents you from losing all your hard work.

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How To Create An Effective Facebook Fan Page That Attracts Fans Automatically

Are you wondering why your Facebook Fan Page is just sitting idle and not growing as fast as these other fan pages you see? Are you stuck under a couple hundred fans and can’t figure out why your page isn’t growing. Make these 5 changes and your fan page will start to explode.

If you are just starting out on Facebook, check out our free tutorial on how to make a Facebook page.

1.) Choose a Better Fan Page Name

Now you might not want to start completely over if your page already has a good amount of fans, but if not, you might consider creating a new page with a better name. Hey, it’s free to create a new page and takes about 5 minutes. Choose a name with some good keywords in the title. Model it like so [Business Name – Benefit Your Business Gives the Customer]. This is a really great way to establish your brand on Facebook.

2.) Change Your Boring Image!

Your Fan Page’s profile image is the first thing people see when they search for you and when they land on your page. Let your image convey what you’re all about and even use your image to tell fans what to do next. Your image can actually become your biggest fan generator.

3.) Change Your Page’s Settings

Edit your page settings and allow users to connect with each other by posting images and videos. Some pages block this feature and their page suffers because of it.

4.) Create a Custom Landing Tab

This is rule #1 if you want your Fan Page to grow. Stop sending your new users to the Wall or the Info tab! This accomplishes nothing for your business and is just a waste of good traffic. Create a landing page like you would for your site, embed that into Facebook and start using your fan page to capture leads and force people to become fans. You’ll be amazed at the results.

5.) Use Facebook’s Fan Page Insights Application

Facebook provides free analytics for your page and best of all, your fans. You can learn more about your audience in 5 minutes than Google Analytics can tell you in a lifetime.

If you want to go more in-depth with getting your business cranking on Facebook, check out a 5 or 6 minutes video we have for you on Facebook marketing with Fan Page Secrets right now.

5 Steps to Create Your Facebook Fan Page Correctly

So you need a facebook fan page? Here’s how to set one up, the right way.

The 5 Simple Steps to a Facebook Fan Page

1.) Go to

2.) Click +Create Page

3.) Choose what type of Fan Page you want to create. Most likely, you’re creating an “Official Page” for a local business, brand, product, etc.

4.) Choose your Fan Page’s name. WAIT!!! Read this First: Before you name your page you have to realize a few things. For ranking in Google, your Fan Page name can actually really help you out. Having key-words in your Fan Page title can actually get you to show up in Google. So, if you’re creating a Football Training fan page, having the words “football training” in the name will help when people search for you. Naming your page “Jim’s Training” won’t really help.  People don’t know what that means…give it a title like, “Jim’s Football Training Warehouse.” Much better.

Things to Remember About Fan Pages

Remember, you can NEVER change your Fan Page title…so this is worth researching and thinking about for a few days.

Also, if you plan on using Facebook Advertising, which I would highly recommend, your Fan Page Title will always be the title of your ads. So…if your Fan Page title is boring, your ads will be boring. The best ads grab attention and call out certain niches. If you can mold all these into a great Fan Page Title…you’re ready to go.


Further Fan Page Training

If you want to really jump start your Fan Page and get the real secrets that the big companies are using to attract thousands of fans, you need to know the #1 Mistake All Fan Page Owners are Making, it’s a free video that you’re screwed without.