The SSL Certification: The Y2K of Facebook

So October 1st has come and gone, and Facebook’s mandated use of an active SSL Certification (“Secure Socket Layer”) has come to those of us using Facebook Fan Pages. So the real question is…

Where are all the guys who were screaming about the end of Fan Pages? Where are the guys who were using scare tactics to take advantage of fan page owners everywhere, basically tricking them into buying something something that really wasn’t nearly as “Life or Death” as they presented it to be.

Quick! Buy up all the SSL Certs you can before Facebook destroys all your pages!

That stuff just kills me. I can’t stand guys who are out there just constantly trolling for the next hot issue, and how they can profit from it. They are not there to add value to their customers, they are not there to build trust. And heaven forbid they should educate their customers and actually offer helpful, honest solutions to their problems.

If you want to know the truth about the Facebook SSL certification mandates for Fan Pages, make sure you check out our blog post from a few weeks back entitled Facebook SSL: What You Need to Know.

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3 Reasons You Need To Be Using Facebook Ads

3 Reasons You Need to Use Facebook Ads

  1. It’s Cheap
  2. It’s Generates the World’s Most Targeted Traffic
  3. It’s Ridiculously Easy to Use

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Here is a list of 4 Things NOT to Do With Your Facebook Ads.

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Facebook SSL: What You Need To Know…

So as we get closer and closer to October 1st, people are getting more and more curious about Facebook’s new mandated SSL certificate requirements.

For those who have not heard, starting Oct. 1, Facebook will be mandating an SSL certificate for all custom tabs on Facebook fan pages. To dive into this a little further, let’s all start with nice, deep, calming breath….[deep sigh]….Good.

Now let’s talk about the new Facebook SSL and how it affects you.

What is a Facebook SSL?

An SSL certificate is a “Secure Socket Layer” certificate. If a page has an SSL certificate, it means that the information is securely encrypted and thus safer from online attack. You may already be familiar with this concept, as it can also be said that a page has an SSL certificate if the URL starts with “https”, the “s”standing for “secure” in that case.

Facebook SSL

Only your custom tabs are effected by the new Facebook SSL requirements.

Facebook SSL is an attempt by Facebook to mandate that all custom tabs, applications, and widgets used on the Facebook platform provide their users with the highest level of safety and protection.

Facebook has come under fire since its inception for their lack of protection of proprietary and private information, and this is actually a very positive step in that direction for Facebook users everywhere.

As of October 1st, all custom tabs on Facebook fan pages will need to be operating under an active SSL Certification.

What happens if I don’t have one?

Let me dispel some rumors going around, after October 1st, if your fan page’s custom tabs don’t have an active SSL cert, your pages will not explode, be deleted, or physically attack anyone who lands on your fan page.

If your pages don’t have an SSL cert after Oct. 1, any users that land on your page will receive a notification from Facebook that they must click through to view your page. I land on your page. I get a quick pop-up. I click through. And just like that I am looking at your page, exactly as you designed it.

Yes, the pop-up isn’t ideal. But don’t listen to these guys out there screaming about how you need to buy their new “Facebook SSL” e-book that will explain the secrets to avoiding complete and total fan page damnation after October 1st.

These guys are crackpots, and unless you are purchasing an actual SSL cert, please do not spend any money on this mini Y2K, scare-tactic-filled frenzy.

How do I get a Facebook SSL?

First, check to see if you actually may already be protected. If you have any custom tabs with hosted text, videos, or pictures, check and see if the website you use for hosting is operating under an SSL cert.

You may need to contact your web hosting provider to check on this. If you don’t have an SSL cert on a site you use for hosting images, text, pictures, etc. used on your Facebook fan page, you can expect to pay between $500-$1,500 for an SSL cert.

Second, check and see if any applications you use on your fan page offer a Facebook SSL already. Applications like “Questions”, “YouTube”, and others often used on fan pages will all need your attention. Visit these applications’ pages and check on wether they offer an SSL cert with their application or not.

If you are unsure about the status of your SSL cert, you don’t want to deal with web hosting & code, or you aren’t willing to shell out the cash required for a SSL cert, then build your custom tabs with 5 Minute Fan Page. 5 Minute Fan Page is our monthly service that allows you to create professional grade fan pages at a fraction of the cost. And 5 Minute Fan Page comes a complete Facebook SSL for any custom tab made with our tool.

For current Get 10k Members, we will be releasing more info about the Facebook SSL, how it affects your pages, and what you need to do to be ready inside of Fan Page Secrets very shortly.

Can we panic yet?

Facebook’s new SSL mandate is actually a great addition. If anything, it will actually help legitimize Facebook marketing and the exchange of goods on the Facebook platform.

For those of us with legitimate business with nothing to hide, this truly is a great opportunity. Don’t allow the panic and mis-information to deter you from working hard to get Facebook to work for your business.

Welcome the change, and be patient and willing to adapt. Non-legit entrepreneurs & businessmen will turn and run at the first sign of adversity. Don’t be like them, constantly chasing the next-hottest thing, trying to make a quick buck.

Be willing to adapt, be consistent, and look at this change for what it is, another opportunity in an ever-changing world of internet marketing.

FBML for Fan Pages: What The Heck Is Going On?

I know everyone’s wondering what is REALLY going to happen to FBML after March 11th. Will we be able to keep our tabs? Will we be able to edit them? What about iFrames?

Last week Facebook announced that it would be shifting away from the old FBML model within Facebook Pages to iFrames as part of the roll out of the new Facebook pages.

No More Adding FBML Tabs

The most important thing is…if you have already installed the static FBML application, it will continue to work. However on March 11th of this year, “you will no longer be able to create new FBML apps and pages will no longer be able to add the static FBML app”. But nothing is going to happen to your current FBML tabs, so you might want to add a few more just in case.

I know some of your “Reveal Tabs” aren’t working correctly either, and that information is still yet to come…as far as the new iFrame tabs and Reveal Tabs, it’s going to be pretty complicated for the average users that don’t have developers. It will still be possible, just more headaches involved. We’re already working on a solution on our end, and we’ll bring it to you as soon as we polish it up.

The Good News

We are working on multiple ways to bring the functionality to iFrames to you guys. We’re looking at both a Self-Study Tutorial that will teach you how to create your own iFrame tabs on your fan pages, and a solution where we do the work for you. We’d love your feedback below as to what you’d rather have.

What’s Available Now?

If you still have your own FBML tabs are want to customize them, the FBML Secret Scripts are the best solution. If you want to wait for iFrames, we’ll be rolling out that solution in the next few weeks.

What would you rather see: an iFrames tutorial so you can create and customize your own tabs, or a completely custom and hands-off solution where we do all the work for you? Comment below and let us know!

Workshop Wednesday: Stop Posting Status Updates at 3pm!

Dan Zarella, of, recently published an interesting chart of six statistics about facebook marketing.

Take a look at the chart below, because it has some pretty interesting stats. I’m seeing for my page that posting every day works quite well, and multiple times per day doesn’t seem to sway things one way or another. As always, this report isn’t market specific so test it out for youself, but it does give a good basis to go off of when you’re deciding how active your page is going to be.

I’m going to use these stats and my own tracking and add a new module to Fan Page Secrets, aimed at when and how to speak directly to your fans so you generate the most leads and new customers for your business.

Facebook Marketing Statistics

Facebook Marketing Statistics

What are your thoughts about these findings? Have you noticed more impressions, responses, likes, and comments on different days or time of the day?

For even more in depth training and faster results, check out the new modules inside Fan Page Secrets. Click the link right before this to take a look at our marketing and learn from what we do best, and learn from our biggest mistakes we have learned along the way!

70% of Brands Falling Short on Facebook

Alterian’s 8th annual survey shows some pretty scary results for businesses using social media, or not using social media. Is your brand one of the 70% that feel at-risk in this new socially connected world? What are you currently doing to actually take part in the conversion and monitor the discussion around your brand.

The discussion is happening, whether you’re taking part in it or not. I suggest you actually jump in, engage your people, and bring your company to life in their eyes. It doesn’t take much. A few comments here and there and all the sudden you’re a “company for the people.”

Take a look at the stats below and start to think about what your goals actually are. Do you want to jump into social media to purely engage your following? To generate new business? To provide insight into your company? All are valid reasons, but all require a different plan.

Don’t just jump in without thinking about or you end up in the 70%. You can start by creating your first fan page the right way.

facebook brand engagement statistics

70% of Companies Are Falling Short on Social Media

Stop Marketing with Your Facebook Personal Profile! 3 Reasons Why…

Nothing drives me more crazy than getting tons of friend requests from people I know are just trying to boost there facebook friends for purely business reasons. If this is what you’ve been taught, it’s not your fault, but you need to stop.

I promised myself the second I started hearing these strategies that I would never do it.

My facebook profile is MINE. Not my business’s. It’s for me to chat with my wife when I’m away, to post vacation pictures so my mom and dad can see them, and to keep up on what my friend’s are up to. Not only are you using a great social tool for something it’s not meant for, facebook personal profiles are FAR LESS effective at promoting and selling online.

If you are wondering what the alternative is to personal profiles, you will want to watch how to create a Facebook fan page.

My Facebook Personal Profile is…Personal!

You can only have 5,000 friends anyway, so are you just going to settle for 5,000 business contacts and that’s it? That doesn’t sound like a great plan, especially when fan pages are unlimited! It’s tedious to just go out and friend everyone sending them a personal message.

Not only that, your real friends are going to get annoyed pretty quick with all your marketing status updates. Leave everything to your fan page. Please. It’s way more effective and it lets you separate business and life…which is probably a goal you have in the first place.

So, this list comes down to these 3 simple reasons…

  1. Your facebook personal profile should be something you use to really connect with friends and family (that’s what it is designed to do)
  2. You can only have 5,000 contacts on profiles, so why limit yourself?
  3. Facebook Fan Pages give you so many more marketing resources (Custom tabs, Info Tabs, more Wall features, Applications) to really reach out to your follwers

Facebook Business Resources

If you want to really get all the inside information on how to create the perfect fan page, you should check out Fan Page Secrets. Fan Page Secrets is a marketing resource that will help you create a Facebook fan page that will quickly become your business’ top employee.

If you are interested in getting some more traffic to your fan page, click here to learn more about how you can use the Free Fan Generator to get Facebook fans.

What do You Think?

Are you sick of meaningless friend requests or trying to mix business and friendships in one place? Do you reserve your personal profile for “personal” stuff?

Workshop Wednesday: Secret to Selling Under the Radar

No one likes landing on a page and instantly being bombarded with sales pitches. Loading a page and being smacked in the face with headlines reading, “BUY THIS NOW!”, “SALE SALE SALE!!”, “LIMITED TIME ONLY!”, or any traditional “sales-pitchy” wording is the quickest way to get me off of your page faster than you can offer me a discounted discount on your discount.

This picture on the left is a perfect example of aggressive selling. Now while this type of marketing might do well in other arenas [and apparently across the pond in Britain ;-)], it is not a good tactic for Fan Page Marketing. Facebook Fan Page Marketing is about building trust, and creating a relationship between you and your customers. That trust is worth its kilobytes in gold, and you should do everything you can to gain the trust of your audience.

I keep trying to figure out if this guy wants me to buy something or fight.

So how do you leverage profit from your fan page without scaring your traffic off with language that could almost be considered hostile? By creating a custom fan page image that subtly ushers your visitors through your fan page, taking them exactly where you want them to go.

Taking a quick look at the picture on the left, this is the Fan Page image off of one of my pages. And notice that without any large, hostile text or exclamation points, our visitors are told exactly where we want them to go.  The small red text text works in combination with subtle arrows, giving viewers an answer to the question, “What do I do next?” In this case, I am sending traffic to a custom tab, which then links them into my sales funnel. No huge text, no intrusive or electrically charged wording. Just simple, subtle hints that lead our visitors to exactly where I want them to go.

Subtle visual cues can make the difference between a visitor and a customer.

So take a fresh look at your Fan Page. Are you helping your visitors navigate your page? Are your visitors taking the actions you want them to take? Make the necessary changes to improve your conversion by adding subtle visual cues and inviting language to your Fan Page image, and take control of your traffic.

Thanks for checkin’ in guys! Happy New Year, and see you all next week!

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