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Brian Moran of Get 10,000 Fans

Brian Moran of Get 10,000 Fans

In August of 2009, I had recently graduated college with a degree in marketing management and yet found myself beginning a career that had nothing to do with marketing. I was engaged at the time, and started to think about my future and path over the next couple years.

I had played baseball and college in my career had come to an end after a short stint in semipro baseball. So I began thinking what if there was a way for me to merge my two passions baseball and marketing together and actually start to create a new hobby for myself. I had always dreamt of owning my own company one day so I began searching online and eventually stumbled over website that changed everything.

I started listening to every podcast, reading every blog, and trying to suck in every piece of content that I could. I struggled with what business to start first and I finally decided to go into the baseball industry, something that I knew that I could provide good content to my visitors. I spent the next six months endlessly searching, reading, and learning every strategy that I could. I wasn’t making a dime, but the dream was still alive and I didn’t really care about the money.

I was confident enough in myself and I knew that if I kept pushing for that eventually something would happen. During that time I was able to learn a lot about blogging, WordPress, search engine optimization, driving traffic, social media, product creation, membership sites, and a whole lot more. The only problem for me at that time was that I was not making any sales. the traffic just wasn’t there and I was not a lot I can do about it being a one-man show.

Finally in April of 2010, I stumbled on something that literally turned my world upside down. this little secret, was Facebook. I remember sitting in my college dorm as a freshman in 2004 hearing what my buddies talk about this new website called “Facebook” and how it seemed to be a pretty cool tool to connect with old classmates that we lost touch with. Little did I know that this new tool would become my largest source of traffic six months later.

I began using Facebook fan pages and advertising to drive more traffic to my website than I ever thought I would be able to get by myself. It almost seemed too easy. I’ve struggled before with search engine optimization and Google AdWords, but Facebook just came so easy to me. It was simple. And the results came almost instantly.

I did a lot of testing and tweaking over the next couple months, but for the first time I was seeing a steady amount of sales coming in each week. I felt like the dream was finally starting to come into place. I decided that day and output all the other hyped up techniques to the side and focus solely on Facebook.

A few short months later I have multiple fan pages with thousands of fans residing on each one. My puny little e-mail list of 60 baseball players that took me over six months to generate had turned into a list of thousands of people in a few short weeks. I was finally able to focus on creating excellent content and stop worrying about where the traffic was at a come from next.

It was in November of 2010 that my train baseball fan page had reached 10,000 fans and I decided that I would finally start a business that aimed at helping other small businesses like you get off the ground using tools like Facebook. So this is where things sit today. I’m 24 years old, and get a pretty neat opportunity¬†to help out small businesses make better use of facebook.

Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re where I was six months ago. You’re reading the story of someone who’s only a few steps ahead and truthfully it won’t take much for you to get where you want to be.

I  hope you enjoy every post I release. I would love to hear from you and get any feedback you might have. You can usually find me using either our fan page wall, the comments feature on our posts, or our contact page here on the website.

Best of luck! I can’t wait to hear your success story.

Brian Moran

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