About Get10k

I guess this is where I’m supposed to tell you about what we do here get 10,000 fans. in a nutshell, we’re here to show you some things about marketing on Facebook that you didn’t already know. I figure there’s enough information out on the Internet being recycled that I might as well come up with some unique content based on my experiences marketing on Facebook.

Nowhere on this site will you hear me claiming to be a guru or an expert in much of anything, but I certainly will show you a few things you didn’t know about how to get your brand and your company noticed and recognized on Facebook.

I hope to use www.get10000fans.com and our fan page at www.facebook.com/get10000fans to show you how to really get more followers, leads, and customers. I know how frustrating it is to market on the Internet and to get to the point where you’re actually making some sort of income. I struggled as a blogger for six months starting in August of 2009, and it wasn’t until I focused on one arena, Facebook, that I really found my niche and started to learn the strategies that I needed.

My goal is to help you.

I did not get to where I am by myself, and neither will you. If you are passionate about learning as I am, then this is the right place for you. If you’re expecting the magic bullet that will instantly and all your problems and start dumping customers into your shoppingcart, then you should probably move on.

Get 10,000 fans is about helping real companies get real results using the power of marketing on Facebook with fan pages, groups, events, and advertising.

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