Facebook Shopping – Fan Page eCommerce History [Infographic]

Facebook shopping is beginning to turn the tide of doing business online, and the businesses that are taking advantage of using Facebook fan pages for at least one step of their marketing process are reaping the benefits.

Facebook Shopping and Fan Page e-commerce Predictions

The experts are predicting $30 billion in global purchases on Facebook by 2015. Currently, we are at $5 billion in transactions occurring on Facebook, so $30 billion seems a long way off, until you look at the trends. The truth is, if Facebook is watching the numbers (and I’m sure they are), we’re most likely going to see more and more features for businesses added to the already growing fan page commerce offering.

If you’re just looking at fan pages along, Facebook’s actions suggest that there’s no limit to where things could go. Facebook is offering businesses the ability to attract thousands of new fans with new features like iframes, questions, at tagging, etc.

They’ve given businesses a place to interact with their customers and build their brand directly on Facebook. All of this is leading to more sales because everything is happening inside a trusted and safe environment.

facebook shopping cart

A Look Inside Facebook’s Shopping History

Below is the promised info-graphic of Facebook’s shopping and e-commerce history, which has been heavily influenced by applications and customized fan pages. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the power behind Facebook fan pages when you look at the numbers, and if your product or service hasn’t found its way onto Facebook, I suggest you start to consider it.

A great place to start would be our beginner’s course, Fan Page Secrets, which guides you through setting up your fan page, attracting your first thousand fans, and making your first sale. If you’re already past this point and just looking for adding thousands of new fans, the Free Fan Generator course is the best thing for you.

Either way, take a look below and let me know your thoughts and the predictions moving forward. I’d love to hear them…

facebook shopping infographic

6 thoughts on “Facebook Shopping – Fan Page eCommerce History [Infographic]

  1. Very good information, and appreciated! Have shared this info and the links to Fan Page Secrets and Free Fan Generator on our blog, http://southlightmarketing.com/blog for our followers to use, giving Get 10,000 Fans the credit, of course.
    As an online marketing firm working with small and mid-sized businesses in Local, Mobile, & Social Media platforms, this information is a valuable tool for these businesses to compete.
    Again, thank-you for sharing!

    Brant Detherage
    Vice President – South Light Marketing, LLC

  2. Powerful statistics! Thanks for sharing Brian. It’s a wake up call to be offering products on Facebook or be missing out on the action! Clearly it’s become a place that consumers are comfortable to do their shopping.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date with Facebook trends.

    Samantha Lyttle
    Director, Market Launch

  3. Good post Brian, although I’m a little confused – does that graph indicate that less than 10% of British facebook users would currently consider purchasing through facebook?
    (I live in Britain!) – are we Brits lagging behind in seeing the potential of this, are we particularly resistant do you know??

    Still – it’s a freight train that’s definitely coming, even if a bit slower in the UK, and I’d rather be riding it than left behind!


    Tanya Smith, the Marketing and Mindset Mentor

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