6 thoughts on “4 Reasons I Don’t Use a Fan Page Creation Tool

  1. I believe it is also a question if you need a single tab page or several page. As good as WordPress is, it is a lot of work for just setting up one single tab page.
    Having moved away from FBML you have many more options BUT for those with no hosting account, no coding experience etc. life has just become more complicated…

    • I definitely agree, the WordPress plugins are cool, but they do take a lot of time, and obviously, if you don’t have wordpress, you’re a bit out of luck 🙁

  2. Please show me how I can get traffic to my fanpage and get them to sign up for the Business im doing I need at least 10-15 new prospects to help me build my business thanks Anne

  3. Brian your 5 min Fan page rocks, make sure this does not get into the hands of greedy marketer who is pitching make money junk. You don’t want your name go down to mud. Watch out. You have a high quality product and service and reserve the right to protect your reputation.

  4. These are great tips. Thanks. However, I am having trouble attracting new fans to my FB page. I am also advertising my FB page on other social media sites but only getting minimal traffic. I will try to utilize some of the tips given on this site too. Many thanks for the info.


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