FBML for Fan Pages: What The Heck Is Going On?

I know everyone’s wondering what is REALLY going to happen to FBML after March 11th. Will we be able to keep our tabs? Will we be able to edit them? What about iFrames?

Last week Facebook announced that it would be shifting away from the old FBML model within Facebook Pages to iFrames as part of the roll out of the new Facebook pages.

No More Adding FBML Tabs

The most important thing is…if you have already installed the static FBML application, it will continue to work. However on March 11th of this year, “you will no longer be able to create new FBML apps and pages will no longer be able to add the static FBML app”. But nothing is going to happen to your current FBML tabs, so you might want to add a few more just in case.

I know some of your “Reveal Tabs” aren’t working correctly either, and that information is still yet to come…as far as the new iFrame tabs and Reveal Tabs, it’s going to be pretty complicated for the average users that don’t have developers. It will still be possible, just more headaches involved. We’re already working on a solution on our end, and we’ll bring it to you as soon as we polish it up.

The Good News

We are working on multiple ways to bring the functionality to iFrames to you guys. We’re looking at both a Self-Study Tutorial that will teach you how to create your own iFrame tabs on your fan pages, and a solution where we do the work for you. We’d love your feedback below as to what you’d rather have.

What’s Available Now?

If you still have your own FBML tabs are want to customize them, the FBML Secret Scripts are the best solution. If you want to wait for iFrames, we’ll be rolling out that solution in the next few weeks.

What would you rather see: an iFrames tutorial so you can create and customize your own tabs, or a completely custom and hands-off solution where we do all the work for you? Comment below and let us know!

61 thoughts on “FBML for Fan Pages: What The Heck Is Going On?

  1. I would like to have both solutions. I know I came to you to learn how to do this myself, so I think a training on DIY would be great. And whatever else you come up with is good too, but my first choice is DIY. Thanks!

  2. The tutorials would be great – thanks! Meanwhile, I’ve taken your advice and created a few extra FBML tabs… both on my 9to5ninjas Page, and on another one that I help administrate.
    Keep up the good work!

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  4. iFrame Tutorial would be best. However some kind of support chat or email would be awesome as well. I am going to add a few more fbml tabs in the mean time.

  5. It is vital to learn how to do it yourself. Step by step tutorials are a great way to learn. As you know, there will be times in business that you need things done -yesterday… so that is also an awesome service to offer your fans!

  6. having both options would be best….I would love to have it done for me, but that would depend on the price of the service…and my current budget is pretty tight, so I’m thinking DIY might be better…again, it all depends on the price

  7. It would be nice to know how to do it especially for those like me that do it for our clients.

    However, a done for you solution that we can use for personal and client pages would be great.

  8. I just bought your membership specifically for the reveal tabs script, so i am hoping that an iframe solution will be part of the ongoing support?

    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. I’ve love it if you guys could put together a tutorial or a series of tutorials. A “done for you” service or software would also be pretty bad ass. I’m looking forward to both and can’t wait to start working with the iFrames.

  10. I started using NorthSocial’s apps after the changes and they are doing the 2-page “locked content” trick brilliantly as well as many other killer features.

    Brian I think the tutorial is what the majority will want since we all came to you for a tutorial in the first place and not a done for us tool. I don’t want to speak for everyone though.

    • No Angie! you will 100% NOT have to buy a new product 🙂 anyone who bought the FBML training will get iFrames completely free 🙂

  11. “completely custom and hands-off solution where we do all the work for you”. This option would work better for me. I bought your programs but I do not have the ability/knowledge as to how to institute them as I have very limited computer skills. The simpler you make it the better.

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  14. I would rather have an iframe tutorial so we can create and customize our own tabs and pages. Thanks so much for the training I look forward to more in the near future.

  15. HI Brian, I would be happy with a tutorial for the iframes.

    If you cannot add FBML tabs to and existing page, will you be able to add iframes to it?

    Should I add a few FBML tabs to any existing fan pages that I have built?

  16. I would like to learn how to do it myself since I have clients I’m working with…. Might not be cost effective to be nudging you all the time. I’m sure if you gave us the right codes to drop it in like before, it would work. II’m hoping iframe conversation is the ugrade to what we bought in Dec. Your content is great Brian~

  17. Tutorial, please, and make it for dummies–what’s already in the Fan Page Secrets for iframes is NOT for dummies, and certainly not for dummies on PCs. I do my small business, my church, and a local business for barter, so no $$ to pay for it, although I’m sure there are some who will.

  18. iFrames for sure. So since using old technology.

    Id like both. Im open to doing things my self but sometimes its worth it to let someone else do it.

  19. Just bought your $47 package and it appears that unless I can access the iframes tutorial training I just got left in the past. Can you enlighten me on how you are addressing that change in FBML vs. iFrames?

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