Workshop Wednesday: Stop Posting Status Updates at 3pm!

Dan Zarella, of, recently published an interesting chart of six statistics about facebook marketing.

Take a look at the chart below, because it has some pretty interesting stats. I’m seeing for my page that posting every day works quite well, and multiple times per day doesn’t seem to sway things one way or another. As always, this report isn’t market specific so test it out for youself, but it does give a good basis to go off of when you’re deciding how active your page is going to be.

I’m going to use these stats and my own tracking and add a new module to Fan Page Secrets, aimed at when and how to speak directly to your fans so you generate the most leads and new customers for your business.

Facebook Marketing Statistics

Facebook Marketing Statistics

What are your thoughts about these findings? Have you noticed more impressions, responses, likes, and comments on different days or time of the day?

For even more in depth training and faster results, check out the new modules inside Fan Page Secrets. Click the link right before this to take a look at our marketing and learn from what we do best, and learn from our biggest mistakes we have learned along the way!

52 thoughts on “Workshop Wednesday: Stop Posting Status Updates at 3pm!

  1. WOW! I knew about posting B4 3pm, just didn’t know HOW much before AND I used to post at 8am too. I’m wondering is that EST?

    The weekend thing is blowing my mind. I’ve thought that folks DON’T pay attention over the weekend.

    THANKS for Sharing this!

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  3. Good stuff, it’s also interesting to know that LinkedIn and twitter actually have “prime times, days, etc.” The key is truly to invest the time and resources to learn these little known but highly important details when it comes to your social media marketing…so that when you are going where “they” are “you” are getting found everywhere! Kelly

  4. Great Info…This really helps me determine how to best use my marketing time. Quick question…which time zones apply here? Also, are we talking about fan pages, personal profiles or both?

  5. Found this article to be a wealth of information. What we thought was the best days throughout the week is not necessarily the case supported by the data. The best day is Saturday.

    When it was noted 8 AM best time to post was there a preference of EST, PST, etc…

    Thank you.

  6. I started posting every other day and have seen an increase in impressions. I will now post at 8am daily and make sure Saturday is one of the days I post. Thanks for the info

  7. Interesting stats. Surprising to see that posting every other day is better than posting everyday. Thanks for putting this together. It is very helpful. Will certainly test this out.

  8. This suggests human nature is to be more inclined to share in the morning, and a bit “share-worn” by late afternoon, which seems reasonable – the graph seems to follow the same trend as that for general alertness during the day.

  9. Dan has a ton of great stats. His Hubspot Webinars are awesome. I sign up even if I can’t attend because they will send me the recording to watch later. He also has some great email stats for your email marketing campaigns.

  10. This is awesome!! Facebook trends are ever changing.. Funny how 3pm used to be *the time* to post… and now it is changing. I love the additional information with words, sharing, etc.

    Thank you for posting!!

  11. I’d like to know where Dan Zarella gets his information. Some of it coincides with larger companies findings like Harris Polls, eMarketer and comScore, some does not. I think I’ll go with my trusted source.

    FYI Next to Saturday and Sunday the best time to post is Thursdays after your audience is home from work.

    The trick to Social Media is not to post when an expert tells you so, but when your customers are in the habit of being on Facebook.

  12. I noticed the same, an update Saturday around 2pm gmt gets me the most likes and comments.

    Will be interesting to see how sex-related posts and headlines with Facebook will get shared!


  13. Thanks for the interesting metrics. I see that some people have varying opinions but I am glad to have all the input I can get in order to make my own, best educated decision on how to run my own business.

  14. I like the easy readability/graphs of the posting. One thing does confuse me though. You said posting every other day is ideal. Where do you get that statistic from? We post twice a day because that is our local industry standard. I’m not sure if that number is good but I don’t think it’s overkill. I’m wondering if you might know something that should change the frequency of our posts. Thanks, and great job!

  15. This is some of the most useful information I have come across. I always wondered about which time of the day and which day of the week was most effective. Thanks!

  16. Can you tell me the more specific time …that when should we post during the day time..??
    I mean what time according to international timing..?

  17. Thank you for the stats. I had read somewhere else that weekends were actually not a good time to post and I always thought to myself that makes no sense. I’m glad your stats make sense! Because people have more time on weekends to look through posts and share.

  18. I think the number of times you post per day should be determined by your fan base. We have 350,000 fans and post as many as 12 x a day. We also have over 30,000 fans talking about us on Facebook.

  19. I thought that posts made early in the day would be buried and never found when paople go through their newsfeed at home in the evening. It’s a social network – I thought highest traffic was evening hours not during the workday.

  20. I have found that the weekends play completely different than during the week.

    Week days, I MUST post in the morning before work.
    If I am looking for more ‘LIKES’, I can post when they get home. If I miss the morning, the activity is done for the day.

    Weekends are slow for my friends. They like to sleep in, and don’t spend as much time on the computer … of course, it there are poor weather conditions, this all changes.

  21. Timezone doesn’t make sense to me. Which time zone. If I post at 8am in the uk but have 65 percent us fans many of them would be asleep?

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