Facebook Fan Page Friday: Starbucks Knows Their Stuff

Well as a big snow storm has been pounding the Northeast, I find I am in desperate need of something to warm me up. Like I said, I am covered in snow and in

desperate need of something to defrost my life. So while searching for a Fan Page for this week’s Fan Page Friday, I finally decided on everyone’s favorite (well, most people’s favorite) coffee shop on a cold winter day, Starbucks.

So welcome back to Fan Page Friday, where every week we take a look at a different Facebook Fan Page and talk over what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what we can all learn from them. So let’s kick into the 2011 Edition of Fan Page Friday…

With over 19 MILLION fans, Starbucks’ fan page is yet another example of leveraging a great brand to attract an already loyal fan base. But for all of us who can’t get the attention of 19 million people quicker than your favorite barista can make a Grande Java Chip Frappacino with a double shot of espresso, topped with whipped cream, with no fudge please….there is something to learn here. Let’s get to it.

Interacting With Your Facebook Audience

One of my favorite things about Starbucks’ Facebook Fan Page is how well they interact with their fans. I want to spotlight thier photo gallery, which allows fans to upload a picture of them with their cup of Starbucks in hand. With almost 8,000 uploads, Starbucks is giving every fan an opportunity to add to the Starbucks experience. This initiative is consistent with their brand, and is a very unique way of getting their fans to come back time and time again.

Fans are thinking about this Fan Page throughout their day, how could you do it with your audience?

Not everyone out there offers a physical product, but there is still something to learn here. Find ways to interact with your audience in a unique way. Starbucks knows their market, and has made a way for every Starbucks-lover to use their iPhone (not sure I have ever seen someone in a Starbucks without an iPhone) to capture their morning coffee and interact on their Fan Page while away from their computer. So learn from Starbucks, know your market and engage them in a unique way.

Content is King

How many videos does Starbucks have on its Fan Page? The answer on January 28th, 2011 is 31. That is 31 different videos posted by Starbucks alone. They also allow for their users to post videos, which means technically they have over 90 videos in total. But the number I want to focus on is 31. Starbucks is creating opportunities for people to stay on their Fan Page. By offering great content, Starbucks has provided over 60 minutes of content for their visitors to consume. The longer a visitor stays on your page, the longer you have to win their trust. If someone who doesn’t necessarily like Starbucks that much (like myself), goes on this Fan Page and sees their favorite music artist (Anyone else really into Zac Brown right now??) performing in one of their videos, they are way more likely to click that precious “Like” button (I totally did).

So again, not sure many of us have celebrities on speed dial, but there is something to learn here for all of us. Good content is a great way to engage your audience and keep them around. Know what your market in interested in, and get content on your page that will engage them like no one else will. If you can’t make great videos, find them somewhere else. Write interesting articles. Link to good website. Link to other great Fan Pages on your “Favorites”. But fill your Fan Page with content that your market will find relevant, interesting, and engaging.

How likely are you to stick around this page with all this kickin' content??

Well that wraps it up for this week’s Fan Page Friday. Hope you all enjoyed our look at Starbucks, feel free to ask questions about what you read here or let us know if you enjoyed it! And be sure to comment below and request a review of your favorite business’s Fan Page and we will throw them into our lineup. Happy marketing everyone! Stay warm!

16 thoughts on “Facebook Fan Page Friday: Starbucks Knows Their Stuff

  1. Hey Brian,
    Your site is pretty awesome! The tips you give here are excellent, actionable and simple to understand. Kudos to you!

    I wanted to see if you’ve ever checked out Wildfire to create social media promotions (like sweepstakes, video/photo/essay contests, coupons, etc) to run on all your fan pages?

    Check out wildfireapp.com for some more info, and if you have any questions about it, I’d be happy to help out (you have my email here.)

    Additionally, for some more reading material, we try to put some good advice in our own blog too that you and your readers might appreciate: blog.wildfireapp.com

    I love the short simple video on your fan page! Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi there… love the fanpage friday idea… very cool. Ok so yes Starbucks is a monster, very interesting read and yes lots to learn here… they get their fans, who probably already love Starbucks, to post photos of them with the Starbucks and they get them to post video. Cool. I was scrolling through their wall and what got me was the number of people who had made negative comments, not closing in the snow weather and gift cards purchased on the fanpage not recieved for example and I see nothing from Starbucks responding to these… isn’t that an opportunity for the brand to reply to customer complaints? Wouldn’t you recommend that in general?



  3. “The longer a visitor stays on your page, the longer you have to win their trust.” — What a great model to follow. After all, social marketing is all about gaining trust!

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  5. To answer Sherri-Lee’s question: Yes this is an opportunity for Starbucks to deal with people complaints. That truely is how to make your social media shine. If you can turn a complaint into a praise by bending over backwards in front of millions of your followers people talk about that sort of thing. They also talk a lot about those bad things that they hear or read so you have to be nipping these things in the bud.

    Everyone knows that no business is perfect but they do want to be heard and at least feel that their problem or concern has been heard.

    On a different note, for other businesses that see huge fan pages like this and wish they had something similar, try this.

    Try joining in peoples conversation. Write notes that would be interesting to Starbucks followers. It is similar to writing a comment here in Brian’s site. By doing so we are taking advantage of his efforts to generate traffic and his words of wisdom.

    Plus when you add your link back to your website, like this, http://www.DreamBigMarketing.ca it says hey I am a professional and I might be worth listening too and I may be worth checking out. Plus a good backlink to a popular relevant site never hurts!

    Thanks Brian for another excellent Fan Page Friday! Keep up the good work!

    PS another little tip: If you comment on something make sure to share it via Facebook or Twitter. Let your own social media list help you out. That’s what friends are for!

  6. Useful tip, bit I’m prompted to point out that here is one person who has sat in a Starbucks (not that often as I don’t care that much for the coffee) without an iphone. That would be me! So there are a few of us around LOL

  7. Hi! Great article. I love the idea of a fan page friday as well.
    I was wondering, is there a specific setting for a page to allow others to post pictures to your gallery? Or do they just post to the wall?


  8. Hi Brian. Discovered you and your excellent resources about a week ago, can’t get enough 🙂

    I like your reminder about creating great content on the page itself – that made me realise that I may be sending people away to other sites a bit too often, when I could be directing them to my own content more. So thanks for that, great stuff!

    I’m just about to buy your Fan Page Secrets course, really looking forward to getting stuck-in

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