Workshop Wednesday: Protecting Your Fan Page From Shutdown

How will you protect your Fan Page from being Shutdown?

I know a couple of people that had their Facebook account shutdown because they were either mass friendly people through their profile which is not something that I recommend you to do. But anyway, for just various reasons, if you built certain things in Facebook, you need to do it according to their Rules and Regulations. If you happen to break one of those rules, they will shutdown your account and you’ll never get your Fan Page back, all your fans will be gone and all the work that you did will be history. So, I am here to give you a quick and easy new tip on how to protect your Fan Page from being shutdown. All you have to do is create another ADMIN that would have a control over your Fan Page, it maybe either one of your friends, your brother or sister, your spouse. Someone that you can trust and won’t mess your stuff up.



1. Go to your Fan Page, make sure you are logged in to your account.

2. Click on the EDIT PAGE which is right underneath your Image.

3. Look for MANAGE ADMINS, click on it and start typing your chosen ADMIN.

You can also do an email and type it in then submit.

So, there are 2 ways to do it, the person that you chose need to have a Facebook account and the email has to be linked up to that account, otherwise it’s not gonna work. If you send this to someone that does not have a Facebook account, I’m pretty sure it will invite them to become a member on Facebook.

4. Save all the changes that had been made.

That is pretty much it, you are all set and don’t have to worry in losing your Fan Page cause you have 2 ADMINS now. That way, if your account gets shutdown, you have someone that serves as a backup and prevents you from losing all your hard work.

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35 thoughts on “Workshop Wednesday: Protecting Your Fan Page From Shutdown

  1. We got 2 accounts shut down the same day . One real profile, and a “company profile” both real person, and real company. Thank God we had other admins. Do you think a “competitor attack” could be the reason?

    They would flag your profile, over and over from different accounts, friend you with fake profiles then leaving and flagging the account as “not a real profile”…

    People knew those 2 accounts were tied to the fan page. They were targeting our fan page because its the largest of its kind in our language. The person profile was not heavily used, it had only 300 friends. The company profile had 3500 friends.

    Can there be another explanation of why 2 profiles were shut down the same day?

    I’d ove to hear your input….

    • That’s pretty crazy. I’d message Facebook for sure. Let them know you’re legitimate, and they should at least give you a reply. The usually respond pretty quickly.

      • In your comment you said:
        “I’d message Facebook for sure. Let them know you’re legitimate, and they should at least give you a reply.”

        I looked around for contact info. for Facebook-not much luck–Do you have the best way to contact them for this and other types of problems? Thanks–Mike

  2. If they suspect improper use of your Facebook page, why wouldn’t they just shut down the accounts of all admins? Instead of one account being closed, you’d have two.

    • David, a fanpage is separate than the activity a person does with their accounts. It wouldn’t be fair if one of your admins were spamming without your knowledge and you get shut down. This is the reason facebook monitors every account. As long as there is another admin, your fanpage will be up. Nice tip OP

  3. I didn’t know about this. It would be too cruel to lose a fb page once it got going, after all that work!
    Thanks for the advice. I will get on to this straight away – and I am telling my friends to check out you site for good tips on building up their business visibility on facebook.

  4. A great tip for keeping your fan page if your personal account gets shut down – but I was hoping for a tip on how to stop the page being shut down if, as one of our clients did, you break the rules on the actual page rather than your profile. In our case, their mistake got the page deleted.

    Should I assume there is nothing you can do in these cases?

    Also, in response to Al above, any company ‘profile’ should be flagged as not a real person (I do it everytime a company requests my friendship) and I’d be pleased to see Facebook shut down more of these faceless profiles – after all, businesses should be on a page

  5. I have the same question as David. Wouldn’t this place your friends account in jeopardy as well?

    I ignore a lot of “tips” I read about facebook because I’m just trying to be squeaky clean.

    My profile has just over 100 friends on it and only 10 or so are people I have not actually met face to face, they are all people I “KNOW”. It isn’t a marketing list, it’s the one space i have on the internet that is truly personal.

    • Hey Dane, no…because if your account gets banned Facebook won’t ban your friends. And if the page gets shut down, your profile will stay up.

  6. All to often people try to use facebook as a popularity contest rather than a great social networking tool. Why the total number of fans is important the speed in which you get them isn’t. If you provide a solid reason for people to like what you do, they will come without using mass/spamming techniques.

  7. Are company Facebook accounts permitted now? I really think that they need to be as there simply are not enough privacy options available. Take these big name celebs like “Vin Diesel,” its not beyond belief that someone can “search” the fans of the page to see his name and friend him.

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  9. I’ve made a bit of a mess, I think. I started a new page (without logging in) and then it asked me to create a profile. Now I’ve got duplicate profiles. How do I unravel this? I haven’t started to add data to the page, as yet. I don’t want duplicate profiles. Please advise.

  10. Thanks very much for this simple piece of valuable advice! How awful it would be to have to start over from scratch. It hasn’t been easy to get the few fans I’ve got!

  11. Good advice. Unknowingly, we already have two admins and I do think common sense and respect for your fellow FB users comes into play. Thanks for the tip as always.

  12. How about reminding people of something of out most importance; the fact that Facebook are requiring ALL fanpages to be secured by October 1st, in other words https instead of http … ssl certificates, and so forth…

  13. My 2 Fan Pages disappeared, and I keep asking FB for an explaination and they won’t respond. One time I had a warning of spam accusation but every time I tried to reply back to there comment- my reply would not send. Bottom line, FB is like Yelp- it is not in your control.

  14. thanks- alot of effort in building fb fanpage- ihave been sending personalised messages to everyone of my 800 freinds on my profile page-very slow work but worthwhile- i would hate to loose all te support that I have ot so fathanks for the tips

  15. I had the exact same thing happen to me , I managed to get my prsonal account restored and then my Page magically re-appeared . I immediately made my wife the 2nd admin . Good advise

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