29 thoughts on “How To Get Your Fan Page A Custom Facebook Vanity URL

  1. Yes, one question… If you already have your FAN PAGE, which you had to indicate a name for when you created it… are you required to use that same name when you request your URL or can it be different, but then you end up ON your Fan Page?

    I’m not sure that’s clear above.

    Also above, where it says “each page can have a user name”… can you clarify what it means by “page”? Is it each Fan Page (which would be inclusive of all the pages of your FB Fan page site)… or EACH individual page, or what?

  2. Hey Christine, no your Fan Page name does NOT have to be the same as your custom URL.

    Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    Each Fan Page that you own can have a custom URL. Each personal profile and each group as well. As far as the Fan Page tabs go, yes each tab also has a URL to it specifically…but that URL is determined by the custom URL you set up…like I show you in this post.

  3. Hey Ana,

    Facebook is now letting some Fan Pages change their actual fan page name…but I don’t think they let you change the URL once it’s set.

    Another reason to get it right the first time. Facebook isn’t very big on change sadly 🙁

  4. Hello.
    I’m unable to find the “username” option in my account settings. how can I change my username if it’s not there?
    I also checked under “name”, but still no.

    Thank you.

  5. One of our clients accidentally deleted the verification code that was text to their cell phone. Can you get Facebook to send out another replacement code so that we can set the custom URL/username for the fan page? I have not been able to figure out how to do it…

  6. When I go to the Username page, I see where I can create a custom URL for my fan page, but not my personal FB page. I just started my fan page, but don’t have 25 fans yet, but it’s still letting me select a custom URL.

    I’d also like to use a custom URL for my personal page. Can you help me here?

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  13. Hey Brian!

    I am actually sitting here going through your Free Fan Generator – a great product by the way!!

    I managed to create a username for my fan page – super cool. But now when I go there, it says Page Not Found…I am kinda freaking out. What do I do?

    Help please…thanks!


  14. Great info! I just wanted to mention that folks can also go to http://www.fiverr.com and pay $5 to get people to like there page. With a limit of 500 pages that person can like, I don’t like soliciting people to like my pages. Keep up the great work Brian…I love what you have put together !

  15. Hey there Brian, I am about to CREATE a fan page. Have you done any blogs on the incredible number of options there are when deciding to create a Facebook presence?

    Local business or place, company, brand or product

    I don’t have any idea which I should choose. And since you can’t make changes I want to choose correctly the first time.

    ?? What page type should I choose?
    ?? Does FB require that I link my fan page to my personal

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  17. Hey Brian – I emailed you the other day – This is now out-of-date because you DON’T need 25 fans to get your own custom url. Since the f8 meeting – the new announcements have taken away that requirement. It can be done with as few as 12 fans – which is all I had the day the announcement was made.

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