4 Facts About Facebook Timeline’s Inevitable Release to Fan Pages

The great people over all AllFacebook.com recently posted an article outlining some activity surrounding Facebook’s upcoming Facebook Marketing Conference scheduled for Feb. 29th (AllFacebook’s post here). The post sites two sources who have hinted that Facebook could be announcing the release of their new “Timeline” for Fan Pages.

The release of Timeline for Fan Pages has always been a virtual certainty, the question has just always been, “When will Timeline be out for Fan Pages?”.

Now, were not here to speculate on wether the Feb. 29th conference will actually include the introduction of Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages, but for the sake of this post, let’s just assume that this announcement will be made and that Timeline will be introduced to Fan Pages in a few short weeks.

So here is a short list of thing you need to know about Facebook Timeline & its possible release for Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook Timeline Loves Social Applications

Not too long ago, Facebook made the announcement that 60 social applications were to be “tightly integrated into the new Timeline format (those 60 apps listed here). These applications include what is called, “auto-post” ability.

You have probably already seen this in your New’s Feed with applications like Social Reader, Spotify, or even Pinterest. If your friends have “Allowed” these applications onto their profile, their activity within these applications is automatically posted to their personal Facebook Timeline & their friend’s New’s Feed, like the picture below.

Facebook Timeline Social Application

“Auto-posting” can provide clear, powerful advantages to fan page owners who can leverage these social applications well. Facebook Timeline could offer Fan Page owners a great opportunity to increase exposure.

We Don’t Know What A Fan Page Timeline Will Be Like

While Facebook Timeline has been out for personal Facebook profile for some time, no one really knows what Timeline may look like for Fan Pages. Plenty of people out there have speculated on what a possible Timeline for Fan Pages layout might look like.

All of this is clearly speculation, as we cannot be sure of any exact specifications. I  can say fairly confidently that the widely popular, Cover Photo, will be a centerpiece of any Timeline for Fan Pages. But after that, there is no hard evidence to support much else.

What we do know is that when developing Timeline, Facebook did consult with business owners about the design. This lends credibility to the belief that whatever the new Timeline for Fan Pages looks like, it will have been developed with branding & e-commerce in mind.

Images Are King

After spending just a few minutes with the Facebook Timeline layout on your personal profile, it is awfully clear that images get a whole lot of attention. When posted, images tend to take up a large amount of space on the Timeline, and they also tend to stick around longer than other posts. Meaning, an image or group of images is visible longer than most other types of posts.

Below is an image uploaded to a friend of mine’s Timeline. You can see that most images take up almost 3 or 4 times the amount of space as other types of posts. This particular picture was added almost 48 hours before this screenshot, and was still sitting near the top of the page.

Facebook Timeline Fan Pages Image Upload

Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages is Inevitable

Facebook will never stop changing. They will always seek to develop the “next big thing” in social media, and Timeline is their big idea for the moment. Fan Pages will be using Timeline in the future, and we will most likely know more about that after February 29th.

So don’t fight it! This doesn’t have to be a big, scary change. This is simply an opportunity waiting to happen, and there is one other thing you can take to the bank about Facebook Timeline. You can bet your house that your customers will still be on Facebook & that we will still be finding ways to get your customers to connect to your band no matter what change comes.

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12 thoughts on “4 Facts About Facebook Timeline’s Inevitable Release to Fan Pages

  1. Scott
    My concern is that with 60 some odd different applications to choose from that someone’s news feed could get absolutely bombarded with crap and it would just become a total turn off that would alienate potential and current customers. Like you say, we’ll see…

  2. Thanks much for the information…can’t have too much of that. I’m still struggling to learn all of this & apply it to my business. It’s an uphill battle to keep up…LOL! Appreciate you help.

  3. I’ve checked out a few timeline pages, and so far I haven’t been impressed. A lot of people aren’t using the right sized photos for the header which immediately lessens the appeal of the page. I hope facebook doesn’t become myspace now.

  4. I recently set up Fan Pages for three new clients. My concern is that when Timeline Pages are in, hope that there will be not too much to issues with the live Fan Pages. But i agree with your post, Images are King!!!

  5. So – all the time, money and work I’ve invested in building fb pages for my clients will negated when the new format is introduced?

    Facebook has already changed their page format. I had to redesign and resize images to get them to fit on the page.

    Then they got rid of the fbml option.

    Then they got rid of tabs.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that facebook regard its users with complete contempt? I for one am getting sick and tired of fb’s arbitrary changes and their control freak attitude. This week I plan to delete my personal fb page (like most fb users, I hate the timeline format, and I take serious exception to fb making my entire history – including posts I deleted! – available to anyone who can get access to my page.

    I wouldn’t be so your that you can take facebook’s continued popularity “to the bank”. The natives are becoming restless, and at some point the worm will turn. A backlash against fb’s arrogance and disregard for its users wishes (and their privacy) is inevitable.

  6. I love Timeline and am very excited about having my fan page look as professional and colorful as Timeline makes it. Thanks!

  7. Thank you , I had only just got to grips with Facebook as it is now, and was using it effectively. The new timeline changes that and your article was useful in explaining it.

    Brighter Marketing

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