Facebook Advertising: 4 Things Not To Do With Facebook Ads

How To Lower Your Facebook Ads Cost Per Click (CPC)

Learning how to lower your facebook ads cost per click (cpc) can be a pretty frustrating task, especially when facebook advertising acts surprisingly different from Google Adwords. I was lucky enough to have a profitable campaign from the start, which allowed me to cover my advertising costs and continue to learn the hard way, trying different advertising strategies every week.

It was a lot easier to get .10 or .15 cent clicks on facebook advertising a few months ago, before the hype caught up and businesses started to see the real benefit that facebook brings with its targeting ability for advertisers. These days, you really have to know what you’re doing to overcome the high suggested bid that facebook hands out now.

Luckily, the $10,000 I’ve handed over to Facebook in the last 4 months has taught me a lot about exactly what they’re looking for, and how you can sneak behind everyone else on your way to getting those .25, .15, and .10 cent clicks you’re craving.

How To Pay Too Much For Facebook Advertising

Let’s start with what not to do.
  1. Don’t create boring facebook ads
    • Why? Because I said so. 🙂 Well, there’s more to it. Basically, a boring ad doesn’t get clicked, and if Facebook sees your ad sucking, it’s not going to show it anymore, or they’re going to charge you out the “you know what” for it. Wouldn’t you? If you were only charging people every time their ad got clicked, you would want awesome ads getting clicked all the time. Make sense?
  2. Don’t use your company logo as your image
    • This is Step #1 toward creating boring ads. If you’re a consumer, do you care about someone’s logo? No! You don’t. You want your problem solved. Sadly, a logo can’t accomplish the task. You have to grab attention with your ad image…that’s the best part about Facebook Ads.
  3. Don’t use your facebook ads text to describe features or tell people what you company does.
    • Again, people are selfish by nature. What I mean is, we want our problems solved. We don’t care that you using double plated glass to create our back-door, we care that our family room stays quiet because of it. Ask yourself, “So What?” when you’re writing your ad copy.
  4. Don’t create 1 or 2 ads and assume they’re the best ads ever created in the history of facebook advertising. First of all, facebook makes it way too easy to duplicate ads with their “create a similar ad” feature that you literally have no excuse for running only a handful of ads. Create multiple ads, test them against each other, and select the winner. This way, you’re guaranteeing a better ROI because your CTR will increase and your cost will decrease.

There’s so much more I could cover about Facebook Advertising, but the truth is we really need some more time where I can show you 1 on 1.

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35 thoughts on “Facebook Advertising: 4 Things Not To Do With Facebook Ads

  1. Great ideas in your FB advertising to not make them suck…I think I have to go tweak some of mine now! Getting rid of the logo is a great idea, though not sure if I am ready to just throw up the random hot girl to attract attention!

  2. These are just the basics of running any ad whether it be online or offline. Specifically for Facebook only, how have you been able to create ads that don’t get slapped. The “Get Traffic 3.0” disaster caused more slaps to occur because of copycat marketing.

  3. These are good suggestions; I would like to see examples of “good” ads. What amazes me most is that you spent $10,000.00 to advertise on Facebook – approximately $1.00 per fan. Disappointing because I have nowhere near that kind of budget.

    • I didn’t have that kind of budget either Shelley, the offer just converted well enough to pay for the entire campaign

  4. Thanks for this useful summary of what not to do in FB ads….I agree, the image is THE most important part of your FB ad, closely followed by the text….list benefits, not features.

  5. What CTR (%) do you typically see? I have 12 test running and the difference in CTR between the ads is negligible despite the attempts to test different messages and images.

  6. Thanks for these. Here at Dydacomp, we work a number of small business owners who look to us for advice on Facebook advertising. I will definitely share these tips of what not to with them!

  7. It can be a complicated Maze when working with facebook and creating a following.
    Your advice sounds simplistic but we know it works…look at you!
    Thank you for sharing and helping us grow our business and fan page.

  8. Just want to say Thank You! In 11 days I was able to receive 613 new “likes” on my FB Fan page. I was on your FB Ad secrets webinar a couple of weeks ago.

  9. I guess it would be better to first obtain 10,000 plus fans on your fan page before you start advertising correct?

    then how could you advertise for a product which only appeals to the rich & famous such as a prestige home elevator or real estate if you need leads first?

    How do you make them come out of the woodwork, if you do not know who they are(potentially)?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Also do you have or planning to have one on one seminars, where someone spends X number of days and you teach them all that you know but in person?

    If you do, let me know and I would be more than happy to fly over from Sydney, australia to be part of it!

    Thanking you in advance

    Daniel Montana

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  11. This is so true. I worked a bit with facebook ads and after using the suggested price, I created my own price. It really depends on the niche size.

    Great article!

  12. Brian is right on the money here.. In the past 3 months I’ve added over 23,000 fans to my page paying an avg of $0.012 or 1.2 pennies per fan. I’ve also been able to grow my email db for approx $0.04 per email.. Now I have over 60,000 interactions with my page every month! And I’m still paying $0.01 per click on my ads 🙂 You’re doing a great job helping others Brian-

  13. ??????

    Brian is right on the money here.. In the past 3 months I’ve added over 23,000 fans to my page paying an avg of $0.012 or 1.2 pennies per fan. I’ve also been able to grow my email db for approx $0.04 per email.. Now I have over 60,000 interactions with my page every month! And I’m still paying $0.01 per click on my ads You’re doing a great job helping others Brian-

  14. It pains me to see how much companies waste everyday on Facebook trying to use their ad system like billboard, print, or TV ads.

    Every medium is different – your ads should be too.

    You don’t see the audio clips from TV commercials being the best radio ads. You don’t see a screen grab from a TV commercial being the best magazine ad. So then why do so many big brands completely and utterly fail when it comes to using ads on Facebook?

    Great points in this piece.

  15. One of the things I like to do is to have two images and two versions of the copy for each ad. Then I run 4 ads instead of one: Image A and Copy A, Image A and Copy B, Image B and Copy A, and Image B and Copy B.

    That tells me whether people like Image A better than Image B, or Copy A better than Copy B, or perhaps one specific combination of the two. Then discard the losing combinations and create more.

    Ad engineering works wonders!

    Erick G. Hagstrom
    Hagstrom Media
    609 15th Street
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    (571) 748-9609

  16. Thanks for the info! Yes, I think we need to re-watch your video because the suggested rate we’ve been getting i significantly over $1 a click! What you, & some of the people above have been able to accomplish w/only pennies a click is incredible!! Please expound more on this topic- this is a great one. Thx! MarryMeAlready. 🙂

  17. I too would like to see some facebook ads that are getting great clicks. Also, the people who have gotten thousands of clicks, how are you doing it? Any and all suggestions would be helpful. I’m trying to put some ads up for the company I just started working for!

  18. I deal in the music industry and not a mainstream type of music on top of that. I don’t want to put up a picture of a sexy model to sell, either. Pinup is closely related to my field, but I’m thinking maybe a Vinyl record may grab some attention. What do you think? Thanks for all the advice….

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