7 Types of Facebook Sponsored Stories


Facebook announced 3 new sponsored stories for businesses currently using facebook ads. I haven’t been using the sponsored stories feature too much lately, because the normal facebook ads have been performing better for me, but these new types look pretty interesting.

Facebook Sponsored Stories?

Check out the picture below. The new “domain” story type seems pretty cool. If you’re running this version of facebook ads, when someone clicks the like button or share button on your website (assuming you have them there) it will trigger this ad to run on all of their friends facebook profiles. Pretty cool.

facebook sponsored stories

Facebook's 7 New Sponsored Story Types

Like everything online, it’s worth a test. You could find out it’s the best thing that ever happen to your business. Kind of like I did with facebook ads 2 years ago.

You can’t really go wrong trying all of this out. Give it a shot and just keep in mind the 4 things not to do with Facebook advertising, and you will be good to go!

My gut tells me that regular facebook ads will still be the most effective way to reach your audience, but these new types of Facebook sponsored stories look like really effective ways to increase your fan base and get the word spread pretty quickly.

If you’re thinking about running a Facebook Advertising campaign, you will want to check out our Facebook Advertising Secrets tips.  There is a 6 or 7 minute video on that page with some pretty cool content for you guys to check out.

Here is the link to that video for you guys if you’re looking to a more in-depth look at Facebook advertising >> http://get10000fans.com/facebook/advertising-secrets-2

Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Have you found any success with Facebook sponsored stories? If so, which type?

The SSL Certification: The Y2K of Facebook

So October 1st has come and gone, and Facebook’s mandated use of an active SSL Certification (“Secure Socket Layer”) has come to those of us using Facebook Fan Pages. So the real question is…

Where are all the guys who were screaming about the end of Fan Pages? Where are the guys who were using scare tactics to take advantage of fan page owners everywhere, basically tricking them into buying something something that really wasn’t nearly as “Life or Death” as they presented it to be.

Quick! Buy up all the SSL Certs you can before Facebook destroys all your pages!

That stuff just kills me. I can’t stand guys who are out there just constantly trolling for the next hot issue, and how they can profit from it. They are not there to add value to their customers, they are not there to build trust. And heaven forbid they should educate their customers and actually offer helpful, honest solutions to their problems.

If you want to know the truth about the Facebook SSL certification mandates for Fan Pages, make sure you check out our blog post from a few weeks back entitled Facebook SSL: What You Need to Know.

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