5 Steps to Create Your Facebook Fan Page Correctly

So you need a facebook fan page? Here’s how to set one up, the right way.

The 5 Simple Steps to a Facebook Fan Page

1.) Go to www.facebook.com/pages

2.) Click +Create Page

3.) Choose what type of Fan Page you want to create. Most likely, you’re creating an “Official Page” for a local business, brand, product, etc.

4.) Choose your Fan Page’s name. WAIT!!! Read this First: Before you name your page you have to realize a few things. For ranking in Google, your Fan Page name can actually really help you out. Having key-words in your Fan Page title can actually get you to show up in Google. So, if you’re creating a Football Training fan page, having the words “football training” in the name will help when people search for you. Naming your page “Jim’s Training” won’t really help.  People don’t know what that means…give it a title like, “Jim’s Football Training Warehouse.” Much better.

Things to Remember About Fan Pages

Remember, you can NEVER change your Fan Page title…so this is worth researching and thinking about for a few days.

Also, if you plan on using Facebook Advertising, which I would highly recommend, your Fan Page Title will always be the title of your ads. So…if your Fan Page title is boring, your ads will be boring. The best ads grab attention and call out certain niches. If you can mold all these into a great Fan Page Title…you’re ready to go.


Further Fan Page Training

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