4 Facts About Facebook Timeline’s Inevitable Release to Fan Pages


The great people over all AllFacebook.com recently posted an article outlining some activity surrounding Facebook’s upcoming Facebook Marketing Conference scheduled for Feb. 29th (AllFacebook’s post here). The post sites two sources who have hinted that Facebook could be announcing the release of their new “Timeline” for Fan Pages.

The release of Timeline for Fan Pages has always been a virtual certainty, the question has just always been, “When will Timeline be out for Fan Pages?”.

Now, were not here to speculate on wether the Feb. 29th conference will actually include the introduction of Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages, but for the sake of this post, let’s just assume that this announcement will be made and that Timeline will be introduced to Fan Pages in a few short weeks.

So here is a short list of thing you need to know about Facebook Timeline & its possible release for Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook Timeline Loves Social Applications

Not too long ago, Facebook made the announcement that 60 social applications were to be “tightly integrated into the new Timeline format (those 60 apps listed here). These applications include what is called, “auto-post” ability.

You have probably already seen this in your New’s Feed with applications like Social Reader, Spotify, or even Pinterest. If your friends have “Allowed” these applications onto their profile, their activity within these applications is automatically posted to their personal Facebook Timeline & their friend’s New’s Feed, like the picture below.

Facebook Timeline Social Application

“Auto-posting” can provide clear, powerful advantages to fan page owners who can leverage these social applications well. Facebook Timeline could offer Fan Page owners a great opportunity to increase exposure.

We Don’t Know What A Fan Page Timeline Will Be Like

While Facebook Timeline has been out for personal Facebook profile for some time, no one really knows what Timeline may look like for Fan Pages. Plenty of people out there have speculated on what a possible Timeline for Fan Pages layout might look like.

All of this is clearly speculation, as we cannot be sure of any exact specifications. I  can say fairly confidently that the widely popular, Cover Photo, will be a centerpiece of any Timeline for Fan Pages. But after that, there is no hard evidence to support much else.

What we do know is that when developing Timeline, Facebook did consult with business owners about the design. This lends credibility to the belief that whatever the new Timeline for Fan Pages looks like, it will have been developed with branding & e-commerce in mind.

Images Are King

After spending just a few minutes with the Facebook Timeline layout on your personal profile, it is awfully clear that images get a whole lot of attention. When posted, images tend to take up a large amount of space on the Timeline, and they also tend to stick around longer than other posts. Meaning, an image or group of images is visible longer than most other types of posts.

Below is an image uploaded to a friend of mine’s Timeline. You can see that most images take up almost 3 or 4 times the amount of space as other types of posts. This particular picture was added almost 48 hours before this screenshot, and was still sitting near the top of the page.

Facebook Timeline Fan Pages Image Upload

Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages is Inevitable

Facebook will never stop changing. They will always seek to develop the “next big thing” in social media, and Timeline is their big idea for the moment. Fan Pages will be using Timeline in the future, and we will most likely know more about that after February 29th.

So don’t fight it! This doesn’t have to be a big, scary change. This is simply an opportunity waiting to happen, and there is one other thing you can take to the bank about Facebook Timeline. You can bet your house that your customers will still be on Facebook & that we will still be finding ways to get your customers to connect to your band no matter what change comes.

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Facebook Advertising – Dominate Your Niche With Facebook Ads with Unique Targeting

Over a third of small businesses are on Facebook now. Which begs the question, why are so many businesses sprinting towards Facebook to improve their marketing? Well recently Facebook added some awesome tools that help you advertise even more specifically to your perfect customer.

Facebook Advertising: 3 Capabilities to Help You Advertise More Efficiently

  1. Zip Code Targeting.

    Now Facebook Ads allows locally-based small businesses to keep their advertising dollars working only in their neck of the woods.

    When using Facebook Ads, you can specify the ZIP codes you want your ads to be seen in. This is an incredible tool for small businesses to use, especially when you consider the implications for businesses operating exclusively in their local market. Keep your advertising dollars working for you on auto-pilot while building brand awareness in your local area.

    For our local business friends, you may want to consider running Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories. These ads are completely tailored to help local businesses reach leads and customers in their target area.

  2. Topic Targeting.

    This enables your Facebook advertising campaign to be geared toward a broad category of keywords quickly & easily.

    Some businesses need a very specific group of keywords, but if your business is geared toward a broad audience, you can now select to target a broad topic. This kind of broad targeting is done in the place of struggling through lists of 1,000s of keywords in an attempt to find your perfect keyword.

    Let’s say you are a music store. You don’t need to run down a list of 1,000 musical keywords, you can just say target the category of “music”. Save time & cut to the chase. Great new feature for Facebook Ads.

  3. Precise Interest Targeting.

    If you want to use Facebook Ads to market to a very specific niche, you are well equipped now with Precise Interest Targeting. This allows your Facebook advertising campaign to be directed at a super specific subgroup.

So whether you need to target a specific area of the map, a large over-arching interest group, or a very small specific niche, Facebook advertising enables you to reach your clientele with simply & quickly.

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Save money. Advertise more effectively with Facebook advertising.

‘Till next time guys!

Facebook for Business: 3 Steps to Establish a Presence

More businesses are creating a Facebook fan page every day. Facebook is growing into a powerhouse marketplace, and the amount of business being done on Facebook is well-documented. and there is a LOT of money to be made using Facebook for business. One of the first things to focus on with your page is to create a presence.

Facebook for Business: 3 Steps to Establish a Presence

  1. Customize your profile picture.

    Your profile picture is an important way to create your own presence on Facebook. Your picture should be large, and eye grabbing. However, a common mistake is to make your picture eye grabbing just for the sake of making it eye grabbing.

    This might get people to take a second look at your profile picture, but not for the right reasons. Make your picture something that embodies your business, your motto, or your mission. Make it meaningful, and straight-forward.

  2. Get Facebook Likes: Add friends.

    Reach out to friends of yours to help you create a following. Also, try simple free advertising techniques like posting as your page on a larger pages wall. Make sure that larger page has something that connects it to your product or business. This can help you generate fans.

    When a person is on your page for the first time, the more fans your page has, the more legitimacy they give you right off the bat. You should immediately start trying to grow your fans.

  3. Post often on your wall.

    When using Facebook for business, interacting with your page’s fans can turn them into paying customers.

    Post questions, and comment on fans questions. Be fun, courteous, and engaging. All of these together will establish trust between you and your user and further establish your brand presence through your fan page.

When getting started, these tips can help you when using Facebook for business. After you take action on the 3 steps above, make sure you take a look at some more advanced options for Facebook marketing.

‘Till next time guys!

6 Ways to Get Facebook Fans Before Bedtime


There are a millions ways that a page could get Facebook fans. So it is crucial that you keep yourself from going into Information Overload. Don’t let all the information out there keep you from implementing something right now! Keep it simple, and always take action.

So, let’s look at 6 ways to get Facebook fans to your fan page before bedtime…

Create a Custom Landing Page

Harry Potter Facebook Fan Page

Harry Potter's Fan Page displays a great custom tab to new get Facebook fans.

A custom Landing Tab is the most powerful technique to get Facebook fans to your Fan Page. Since Facebook’s switch from their older FBML code in early 2011 to the new iFrames setup, you can insert any HTML code directly onto your Fan Page.

Leverage this ability to offer exclusive deals, embed videos, or even copy an entire page of your website directly into Facebook for your new visitors to view when they first find your page.

To learn more about custom landing tabs and how to create them to get Facebook fans, check out Fan Page Design for Dummies.

Ask Visitors to Take Action

Give your visitors a good “Call-to-action”. Don’t just let new visitors land on your beautiful new custom tab, ask them to take the next step take an action you would like them to take. Direct your visitors to do what you would like, or you are likely to miss out on getting more Facebook fans.

Communicate the value of your page

Under Armour Custom Fan Page

"Like" Under Armour for Exclusive Content

Give a clear answer to the question, “Why should I ‘Like’ this page?”.

Communicate the value your new visitor will receive by clicking “Like” on your page. Below is a great example from Under Armour. Right under their “Call-to-Action”, Under Armour reminds their users that they are clicking Like to receive “Exclusive UA content!”.

Perfect way to get Facebook fans from the existing traffic on your fan page.

Interaction Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Offer your fans great, interactive content. The more “stuff” there is for your user to read, watch, or click, the more trust they will place into your brand.

Embed videos, create surveys, anything you can do to keep the user on your page longer. The longer the user is on your page, the higher the probability that you will get Facebook fans faster than ever.

For great info on how to do much of this custom work, click here.

Offer Free Stuff to New Fans

Who doesn’t like free stuff?? Offering a free gift in exchange for clicking “Like” is a great way to make interested visitors into devoted fans.

You don’t have to look far to find great examples of how a small giveaway on Facebook can work wonders for your brand. Everyone loves free stuff, and offering something small (but relevant to your audience, and of value), to new visitors is a great way to get Facebook fans with just one small change.

Facebook has SEO?!

Phiten Custom Facebook Fan Page

Rank your Fan Page in Google?? Just fill out your Fan Page.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and yes, Facebook has it. Using simple SEO techniques on your fan page’s Info tab can be a great way to leverage Facebook SEO to get Facebook fans practically out of thin air.

Insert popular keywords, relevant to your market, and start optimizing your Facebook fan page for Google and all the best search engines.

Learn more about Facebook SEO and how you can use it to get Facebook fans to your fan page here.

Check out popular baseball brand, Phiten, and how they used their info tab to enter links & keyword-rich text to get Facebook fans using quick, simple on-page SEO techniques.


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Facebook Shopping – Fan Page eCommerce History [Infographic]

Facebook shopping is beginning to turn the tide of doing business online, and the businesses that are taking advantage of using Facebook fan pages for at least one step of their marketing process are reaping the benefits.

Facebook Shopping and Fan Page e-commerce Predictions

The experts are predicting $30 billion in global purchases on Facebook by 2015. Currently, we are at $5 billion in transactions occurring on Facebook, so $30 billion seems a long way off, until you look at the trends. The truth is, if Facebook is watching the numbers (and I’m sure they are), we’re most likely going to see more and more features for businesses added to the already growing fan page commerce offering.

If you’re just looking at fan pages along, Facebook’s actions suggest that there’s no limit to where things could go. Facebook is offering businesses the ability to attract thousands of new fans with new features like iframes, questions, at tagging, etc.

They’ve given businesses a place to interact with their customers and build their brand directly on Facebook. All of this is leading to more sales because everything is happening inside a trusted and safe environment.

facebook shopping cart

A Look Inside Facebook’s Shopping History

Below is the promised info-graphic of Facebook’s shopping and e-commerce history, which has been heavily influenced by applications and customized fan pages. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the power behind Facebook fan pages when you look at the numbers, and if your product or service hasn’t found its way onto Facebook, I suggest you start to consider it.

A great place to start would be our beginner’s course, Fan Page Secrets, which guides you through setting up your fan page, attracting your first thousand fans, and making your first sale. If you’re already past this point and just looking for adding thousands of new fans, the Free Fan Generator course is the best thing for you.

Either way, take a look below and let me know your thoughts and the predictions moving forward. I’d love to hear them…

facebook shopping infographic

7 Types of Facebook Sponsored Stories


Facebook announced 3 new sponsored stories for businesses currently using facebook ads. I haven’t been using the sponsored stories feature too much lately, because the normal facebook ads have been performing better for me, but these new types look pretty interesting.

Facebook Sponsored Stories?

Check out the picture below. The new “domain” story type seems pretty cool. If you’re running this version of facebook ads, when someone clicks the like button or share button on your website (assuming you have them there) it will trigger this ad to run on all of their friends facebook profiles. Pretty cool.

facebook sponsored stories

Facebook's 7 New Sponsored Story Types

Like everything online, it’s worth a test. You could find out it’s the best thing that ever happen to your business. Kind of like I did with facebook ads 2 years ago.

You can’t really go wrong trying all of this out. Give it a shot and just keep in mind the 4 things not to do with Facebook advertising, and you will be good to go!

My gut tells me that regular facebook ads will still be the most effective way to reach your audience, but these new types of Facebook sponsored stories look like really effective ways to increase your fan base and get the word spread pretty quickly.

If you’re thinking about running a Facebook Advertising campaign, you will want to check out our Facebook Advertising Secrets tips.  There is a 6 or 7 minute video on that page with some pretty cool content for you guys to check out.

Here is the link to that video for you guys if you’re looking to a more in-depth look at Facebook advertising >> http://get10000fans.com/facebook/advertising-secrets-2

Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Have you found any success with Facebook sponsored stories? If so, which type?

The SSL Certification: The Y2K of Facebook

So October 1st has come and gone, and Facebook’s mandated use of an active SSL Certification (“Secure Socket Layer”) has come to those of us using Facebook Fan Pages. So the real question is…

Where are all the guys who were screaming about the end of Fan Pages? Where are the guys who were using scare tactics to take advantage of fan page owners everywhere, basically tricking them into buying something something that really wasn’t nearly as “Life or Death” as they presented it to be.

Quick! Buy up all the SSL Certs you can before Facebook destroys all your pages!

That stuff just kills me. I can’t stand guys who are out there just constantly trolling for the next hot issue, and how they can profit from it. They are not there to add value to their customers, they are not there to build trust. And heaven forbid they should educate their customers and actually offer helpful, honest solutions to their problems.

If you want to know the truth about the Facebook SSL certification mandates for Fan Pages, make sure you check out our blog post from a few weeks back entitled Facebook SSL: What You Need to Know.

If you are a Fan Page owner, and looking for a way to be protected under the new SSL Certification settings, and create powerfully interactive Fan Pages, make sure you check out 5 Minute Fan Page 2.0. We have taken everything people love about 5MFP 1.0, and added a whole host of excellent new features to deliver the best Fan Page Creation Tool on the market, and as always we partner it with our great Get 10k Fans marketing training.

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Facebook SSL: What You Need To Know…

So as we get closer and closer to October 1st, people are getting more and more curious about Facebook’s new mandated SSL certificate requirements.

For those who have not heard, starting Oct. 1, Facebook will be mandating an SSL certificate for all custom tabs on Facebook fan pages. To dive into this a little further, let’s all start with nice, deep, calming breath….[deep sigh]….Good.

Now let’s talk about the new Facebook SSL and how it affects you.

What is a Facebook SSL?

An SSL certificate is a “Secure Socket Layer” certificate. If a page has an SSL certificate, it means that the information is securely encrypted and thus safer from online attack. You may already be familiar with this concept, as it can also be said that a page has an SSL certificate if the URL starts with “https”, the “s”standing for “secure” in that case.

Facebook SSL

Only your custom tabs are effected by the new Facebook SSL requirements.

Facebook SSL is an attempt by Facebook to mandate that all custom tabs, applications, and widgets used on the Facebook platform provide their users with the highest level of safety and protection.

Facebook has come under fire since its inception for their lack of protection of proprietary and private information, and this is actually a very positive step in that direction for Facebook users everywhere.

As of October 1st, all custom tabs on Facebook fan pages will need to be operating under an active SSL Certification.

What happens if I don’t have one?

Let me dispel some rumors going around, after October 1st, if your fan page’s custom tabs don’t have an active SSL cert, your pages will not explode, be deleted, or physically attack anyone who lands on your fan page.

If your pages don’t have an SSL cert after Oct. 1, any users that land on your page will receive a notification from Facebook that they must click through to view your page. I land on your page. I get a quick pop-up. I click through. And just like that I am looking at your page, exactly as you designed it.

Yes, the pop-up isn’t ideal. But don’t listen to these guys out there screaming about how you need to buy their new “Facebook SSL” e-book that will explain the secrets to avoiding complete and total fan page damnation after October 1st.

These guys are crackpots, and unless you are purchasing an actual SSL cert, please do not spend any money on this mini Y2K, scare-tactic-filled frenzy.

How do I get a Facebook SSL?

First, check to see if you actually may already be protected. If you have any custom tabs with hosted text, videos, or pictures, check and see if the website you use for hosting is operating under an SSL cert.

You may need to contact your web hosting provider to check on this. If you don’t have an SSL cert on a site you use for hosting images, text, pictures, etc. used on your Facebook fan page, you can expect to pay between $500-$1,500 for an SSL cert.

Second, check and see if any applications you use on your fan page offer a Facebook SSL already. Applications like “Questions”, “YouTube”, and others often used on fan pages will all need your attention. Visit these applications’ pages and check on wether they offer an SSL cert with their application or not.

If you are unsure about the status of your SSL cert, you don’t want to deal with web hosting & code, or you aren’t willing to shell out the cash required for a SSL cert, then build your custom tabs with 5 Minute Fan Page. 5 Minute Fan Page is our monthly service that allows you to create professional grade fan pages at a fraction of the cost. And 5 Minute Fan Page comes a complete Facebook SSL for any custom tab made with our tool.

For current Get 10k Members, we will be releasing more info about the Facebook SSL, how it affects your pages, and what you need to do to be ready inside of Fan Page Secrets very shortly.

Can we panic yet?

Facebook’s new SSL mandate is actually a great addition. If anything, it will actually help legitimize Facebook marketing and the exchange of goods on the Facebook platform.

For those of us with legitimate business with nothing to hide, this truly is a great opportunity. Don’t allow the panic and mis-information to deter you from working hard to get Facebook to work for your business.

Welcome the change, and be patient and willing to adapt. Non-legit entrepreneurs & businessmen will turn and run at the first sign of adversity. Don’t be like them, constantly chasing the next-hottest thing, trying to make a quick buck.

Be willing to adapt, be consistent, and look at this change for what it is, another opportunity in an ever-changing world of internet marketing.